We Always Huddle Together

From all walks of life, old souls, seasoned technicians and creators
out of this world we are a mix bag of all your favourites.

Growing an Australian Smart Community

Built on a strong understanding in iOT, our own experiences fueled the research, product development and relationships across borders to offer both established, new and future work spaces with the means to support a smarter community.

As the journey continues, our offering expands beyond booking a space, advocating a full set of programs and community collaborations active weekly to welcome, educate, arm and support SMEs and Students across our spaces and yours.

The Future is Here

The traditional workplace is transforming and workers are demanding more, happiness, purpose
and fulfilment from their jobs. We exist to help support this transition and beyond.


Australians come together to do good work. Huddle creates and elevates spaces that encourage collaboration by laying the digital foundation and tools to support it.


Moving beyond booking a space, we advocate a full set of programs, local partnerships and community events active weekly to welcome, educate, arm and support our members.


We advocate and empower self discovery in business, academic and personal development in the vision for us all to grow a collaborative, proactive and Smart Australian Community.

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We love your feedback and involvement in our jam packed program schedule that includes collaborations, community workshops and wellness sessions.