Fun-ctional Again

We help to offer your members a flexible and locally focused coworking lifestyle, by developing agile solutions which will nurture a thriving smart community.

This is achieved with a Simple, Scalable and Smart platform.

Manage with Absolute Confidence & Go Digital

Offer only the best and satisfy your member’s needs for an effortless, unified and personal experience upon engaging with your workspace.

Fuel Member Engagement

People need relevant and consistent engagement, with our in-app Community wall and messaging system we keep everyone Huddled together.

Cultivate Local Connections

Our realtime directory CRM is perfect for those moments when you need a local specialist, consultant and or mentor to collaborate with.


Schedule Events & Promos

Posting on multiple social platforms is a bit of a drag. Schedule it once and post directly to your community with in-app push notifications.

Effortlessly Manage Your Day

With a dedicated venue portal, we are able to manage allocated seating, space availability and times whilst reporting on detailed space usage/access.

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Room & Desk Booking
One tap in real time from anywhere on demand, even extend reservations.
Analytics & Issue Reporting
Optimise usage of members, plans and reported issues in-app directly to your venue dashboard.
Directory & Messaging
Discover and connect with profiles showcasing experiences, company, skills and contact details.
Invoicing & AutoPay
With member credit card details we offer a fully automated and trackable payments monthly.

The Future is moving
beyond Booking a Space

We advocate a full set of programs, local partnerships and collaborations active weekly to welcome, educate, arm and support all members.

Let’s organise a site inspection and discuss the opportunity to join our smart community.