Free Space?
Create a Workplace.

We invite cafes, malls, community venues and event spaces to take charge and activate their spaces together with Huddle.

Offer more to your already loyal customers and the next generation of flexible and locally focused workspace professionals.

Seriously, Huddle Anywhere!

Pairing our Smart Community Platform with innovative furniture design we are able to offer a portable, functional and comfortable solution within your workspace.

Comfortable & Echo-Free

With several years’ worth of user research, both the LED lighting and electric air circulation system is completely autonomous the moment you step in.

Instant & Portable

With three scalable sizes and single power source, installation is quick and simple allowing to be used the same day of delivery with our Huddle Platform.


Designed just for You

Our Australian Partners, guide you through several model options including colour, exterior finishes, interior features and accessibility to suit your space.

Effortlessly Manage the Day

With a dedicated venue portal, we are able to manage allocated seating, space availability and times whilst reporting on detailed space usage/access.

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Room & Desk Booking
One tap in real time from anywhere on demand, even extend reservations.
Analytics & Issue Reporting
Optimise usage of members, plans and reported issues in-app directly to your venue dashboard.
Directory & Messaging
Discover and connect with profiles showcasing experiences, company, skills and contact details.
Invoicing & AutoPay
With member credit card details we offer a fully automated and trackable payments monthly.

Activate & Elevate Your Space

Transform spare and under utilised space in your malls, event venues, community centres, cafes and retail shopfronts as a pop-up or extended period.

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Add Rooms to Your Office

We customise and delivery you a personalised Huddle Pod without the need of any additional partitions, renovations and costly fit-outs to achieve premium meeting room status.

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Cafes, Malls & Event
Spaces. Oh my!

A coworking tidal wave is about to hit Australia. Be the first and optimise your space, maximise your seats and give back to your already loyal community of customers.

Let’s organise a site inspection and discuss the opportunity to join our smart community.