Transform your space into a Smart Destination

We invite you to join us in the success, local perks and collaboration with
our neighbours and growth into a vibrant smart community.

Fuel Member Engagement

People need relevant and consistent engagement, with our in-app Community wall and messaging system we keep everyone Huddled together.

Maximise Your Space

Optimise your workspace expansion under a unified platform, adding locations/seats in one account supervised by your Success Manager.

Collaborate & Share Revenue

Our Success Managers, sit down with you to design an all-in-one solution to add value and a revenue stream through a seamless digital experience.


Effortlessly Manage the Day

With a dedicated venue portal, we are able to manage allocated seating, space availability and times whilst reporting on detailed space usage/access.

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How do I get Involved?

Select an option that suits your community involvement


Surround yourself with smart business owners, organisations, mentors, professionals and students who demand the means to huddle together.

  • 1x Digital Donation Tool
  • 1x Dedicated Success Manager
  • 1x Induction Session
  • 3x Host Activations


Celebrate your collaboration proudly to your customers, neighbours and local fauna with a personalised Featured Video with our resident professionals.

  • 1x Digital Donation Tool
  • 1x Dedicated Success Manager
  • 1x Featured Venue Video
  • *Inclusive of Support Package


Transform your space into a bookable coworking venue, sharing membership revenue and hosting Huddle programs and activations through our Smart app.

  • 1 Year – Huddle Platform
  • Revenue Share
  • 1x Digital Donation Tool
  • *Inclusive of Feature Package

What are the Benefits?

Host an Event
Showcase your wealth in knowledge, ability and hospitality you bring to the community.
Profits Reinvested
A sum from package activations are pooled monthly and rewarded at our Smart Community Awards.
Revenue Share
We know the bottom line is top of mind, so we are happy to share to expand Huddle’s accessibility.
Dedicated Success Manager
We help to guide campaigns and events in cultivating a smarter and localised experience.

1 Donation = 1 Follow

Raise awareness as soon as your customers spot our Digital Donation tool, be sure that they’ll be intrigued by the familiar logo and urged to hit the “Like” button!

Welcome your Community

Who are the people in your neighbourhood, when you are walking down the street or bump into at the local deli? Join us and see where the opportunity may take you.

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Surround Yourself with Good People

With the launch of our Smart Community Platform, Huddle reaches beyond booking a space to you
in helping us grow a smarter community of thriving businesses, academics and professionals.

Optimise Your Space
add a Huddle Pod!

A coworking tidal wave is about to hit Australia. Be the first and optimise your space, maximise your seats and give back to your already loyal community of customers.

Let’s organise a site inspection and discuss the opportunity to join our smart community.