Whistle while
You Co-Work.

Australians come together at work as a community for one reason, and that is to do good work.

Huddle creates and elevates spaces that encourage collaborationby laying the digital foundation and tools to support it.

Invite Only? No Problem, Huddle with the Team

Offer only the best and satisfy your member’s needs for an effortless, unified and personally branded experience within your workspace.

Fuel Member Management

People need relevant and consistent engagement, with our in-app Community wall and messaging system we keep everyone Huddled together.

Connect Your Calendar

Our platform runs at its core a universal calendar integration that connects with Exchange, Office 365 and G-suite for seamless synchronisation.


Schedule Events

Posting on multiple social platforms is a bit of a drag. Schedule it once and post directly to your community with in-app push notifications.

Effortlessly Manage Your Day

With a dedicated venue portal, we are able to manage allocated seating, space availability and times whilst reporting on detailed space usage/access.

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Room & Desk Booking
One tap in real time from anywhere on demand, even extend reservations.
Analytics & Issue Reporting
Optimise usage of members, plans and reported issues in-app directly to your venue dashboard.
VIP Access
Granted access to just your Staff members to specific offices, meeting rooms on your schedule.
Directory & Messaging
Discover and connect with profiles showcasing experiences, company, skills and contact details.
CRM Platform
Designed uniquely, it’s simplicity is matched by it’s robust integrations Xero, Facebook and even Slack.

Don’t feel Embarrassed

Upgrade your whitewashed office and empower a more flexible coworking lifestyle that elevates their spirits, senses and drive to be the best amongst their team.

Let’s organise a site inspection and discuss the opportunity to join our smart community.