Designed to Blend in

Say goodbye to meeting room booking headaches, ghost appointments and unexpected double bookings forever.

Securely mounted on glass or wall it’s cordless, Wifi enabled,
power-efficient, scalable and calendar compliant.

Synced. Connected. Smart.

Office receptions, campus spaces and even meeting rooms our 13’ or 6” smart displays effectively display real time schedules and communications.

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Simple Installation
All-in-one smart meeting room display that can be installed effortlessly.
Unprecedented Innovation
Made possible over 10 years of innovation with our Global Innovation Partners.
Absolute Clarity
Show key information about a room and event schedule anywhere, anytime.
Blends In
Quiet Design, paper-like meticulously built for seamless look and feel.
Idle Advertising
Schedule custom images & text at certain times or in intervals when idle.
Big or Small
Built in both 6’ and 13’ models to suit both meeting room and larger spaces.