Once Upon a Space..

Every company has a story, a continuing epic adventure with colourful characters and phenomenal memories – this is ours.

Mid 2015 – Joined the Coworking Workforce

The journey began when we founded our Media Marketplace, housing 8x local Australian specialists passionate about digital advertising and business ready tools.

Driven by a demand for clarity from our clients, we made it our mission to welcome, educate, arm and support SMEs and Students with the right tools under the mentorship of a dedicated team of remote Success Managers.

You could say that it would the first instance of the Huddle Community.

Early 2016 – Proofing a New Experience

Hopping from space to space, we knew something needed to to change, but it wasn’t the right time or place.

Technology hadn’t matured and all the big players (Wework and Deskpass) where still achieving world recognition overseas, building up the tidal wave of momentum that would soon hit Australia.

So we waited patiently, like a submarine, researching and perfecting our platform model to be universally adaptable for all coworking, corporate and portable spaces.

2017 – Welcomed our Global Partners

We did it!

With months of long nights, new languages, storyboarding and absolute perseverance we interviewed 27+ hardware, software companies and coworking consultants to ensure with confidence that our platform was adaptable and fully integrated into all commercially standardised calendar systems e.g. Exchange, Office 365, G Suite and even iCal.

Huddle was officially able to offer a completed system that included: a Smart App, Venue Management Portal, secure Access Control and Smart Displays.

2018 – Called in the Family!

Touring across small businesses, real estate agents, property developers and precincts we were swamped with the excitement and feedback on the necessity of this in the Australian market.

We discovered, that many had tried to achieve the same result, or had spent considerable budgets just on the research alone without even getting close to our solution. But even so, they wanted more!

Thankfully, we had already been collaborating with our Media Marketplace and academic ties to create additional bolton products (Digital Signage, Venue Analytics, Video Conferencing) and event schedules/ programs in order to activate all spaces in our community.

2019 – Let’s Huddle Australia

We’re ready and open to discussions of interest on available buildings and spaces anywhere in Australia, prepared to transform and become apart of our Smart Community with current precinct and local Government partners.

Power your Space with Huddle – Contact us at hello@huddleco.com.au

Early 2019 – Launching Huddle Pods

This one is still under wraps as we tinker with the final touches. But be prepared to Huddle Anywhere!

We invite new Property Partners
Australia & abroad!

Our Success Managers are happy to accommodate a time to discuss how we can add value to your property portfolio.

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