Good People. Smart Platform.

Built for all who wanted more from their work space, the new workforce demands flexibility to choose where they work. We are here to support the movement!

Community Focused

Australians come together at work as a community for one reason, and that is to do good work. Huddle creates and elevates spaces that encourage collaboration by laying the digital foundation and tools to support it.

Remain Agile

As the level of entry is still high with complex, rigid and costly custom integrations between tools, our mission is to keep momentum in the future innovation of our platform whilst empowering the members of our Smart Communities.

Community Management

All-in-one solution to modernise current coworking software. Offering a seamless digital experience across multiple locations to help your smart community stay connected and do their best work.

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Smart Displays

Designed to Blend in. Say goodbye to meeting room booking headaches forever with our cordless, Wifi enabled, power-efficient, scalable and calendar compliant solution.

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Access Control

Keyless & Seamless. Eliminate the need for keys, whilst optimise usage in supporting a vibrant office culture. Keyless, secure and unified access control for your office and or workspace.

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Elevate Collaboration

Moving beyond booking a space, we advocate a full set of programs, local partnerships and community collaborations active weekly to welcome, educate, arm and support business, students and local community.

Grow Nationally

We invite and welcome all providers cafes, malls, community venues and event spaces in creating a flexible and locally focused coworking lifestyle in the vision for us all to grow a collaborative, proactive and Smart Australian Community.

Transform Your Space

Make the change and power your work, event or space and elevate the value of your business amongst others Huddling together.